Pretzel Bread Sliders and White Cheedar Mac & Cheese

7 Feb

We’ve been hooked on the pretzel rolls at Trader Joes but at $1 per roll, it was adding up surprisingly fast. We love bread. I stumbled across this post which showed how to make pretzel rolls in about 20 minutes using Pillsbury french bread dough. I was skeptical but we gave it a try. They are amazing! We’ve also experimented a bit using frozen french rolls to get the same effect a little cheaper yet, but they came out less pretzel-ly.

This dinner above was delicious. We made the pretzel rolls and filled with TJ’s shredded BBQ chicken, harvarti, and avocado. We also tried out a batch of this white cheddar mac & cheese which was crazy good.

Funny story– the glass bakeware used on the mac and cheese splintered in the oven and we had a few strips of glass shards on the top. I wasn’t sure if I should toss out the batch (Food Safety 101) but tried a bite and it was SO delicious I COULDN’T throw it away. We just took slow bites and did a lot of nervous prodding. Seriously, though. So good.


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