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Fun With Sissy Girl

20 Nov

My sister came up a few weekends ago. We had a good time taking goofy photos and hitting thrift stores. It’s a shame we didn’t leave with that set of fire-breathing kitten plates or a devil-eyed Lincoln bust. Spent some hours at the coffee shop playing gin rummy; she killed me. I love that girl! We also got started on our Christmas photos for this year, so I am beyond excited to finish editing and start getting cards in the mail. I feel like I’m already a month behind on my shopping and crafting and we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving. Geez!

The Password is Tallulah

30 Oct

We haven’t dressed up for Halloween for a couple years now, so when we heard about a Speakeasy event this weekend, i jumped at the chance to go out. The bar was glamming up for the night, putting cigars and cards on the patio, and having people enter through the back door with a password. We were slightly outside of our comfort zone going to something like this without really knowing anyone that would be there, but I’m glad that we went. The gin was cheap and we sat and watched a live jazz band that was amazing!