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Treat Yo Self

9 Oct

Since I’m hardcore cutting back on shopping and only using babysitting money to splurge on things, I decided to buy a pair of shoes I’ve been lusting over for months, these Law of the Landscape Flats by Restricted. It’s more money than I usually spend on shoes, but if I only buy a couple pairs of shoes a  year, I may as well make those purchases count. The real motivating factor was when I happened onto Modcloth and saw they were down to 3 last pairs which happened to be in 7.5, my size. Phew! If the world was a perfect place, these would be about a half size bigger, though. Not sure if they run small or if my feet are just too wide, but I can only wear these with thin socks or it gets too cramped and painful in there.

When I bought these I was afraid they would be too hard to pair with my outfits, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised that they match just about everything. I get so many compliments when I wear these. It makes me feel so fancy! Point of my story is if these go back up on Modcloth, buy them up!

The only drawback was one of my buttons fell off the 2nd day I was wearing them. Luckily, I found it under my desk so I just have to attach it back on once I can buy some Gorilla Glue.