Etsy – Cat Art Has My Heart

10 Mar

I spent the weekend working on the bathroom. I painted it months ago and still haven’t finished putting it back together. I finally got 2 of the 3 shelves hung this weekend and started reorganizing. I hung a clock in the corner, but now I can tell there are a lot of spaces that need a little something special. I want to get this awesome mod font print my friend put on her Etsy, so now I’m trying to figure out another smaller piece of art that will compliment it. It’s amazing how much good cat art there is on Etsy. I can’t make up my mind on what to order!


1) Illustrative Pop Art @MoDmoiselleGaline

2) Lucky Cat Maneki Neko @jessthechen

3) Paula @matouenpeluche

4) Rene Magritte @beckyzimm

5) Betty and Her Black Kitten @matouenpeluche

6) Audrey Hepburn Cat @bobogalerie

7) Cat Art Printable @paperpandaKIDS

8) Chimpanzee @berkleyillulstration

9) Another Trophy for the Mantle @AmyVaknin

10) Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) @WitaPuspitaDesign

11) Frida Kahlo @beckyzimm

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