January Victories!

5 Feb

One month into 2014 and I’m so proud of myself! I’m trying to follow through on these resolutions and I’m doing better than I had hoped! I’ve paid off an entire 26% of my total credit card debt since the beginning of the year. WHAAAT?! It was so hard to part with that much money, but I had a couple months worth of babysitting and cleaning checks that I hadn’t cashed, so I put the lot towards my cards. If only I had that much spare money every month, I would blow through these cards in NO time! In an effort to prevent myself from losing steam, I made a chart to track my payments. I’m tracking my progress in blue, so when it’s all paid off the number wills be filled in (in the vein of these things.)

I’ve also been reaching out to the friends I’ve lost touch with the last couple years. With one of these friends, I ended up writing her a message and telling her how I felt we were growing apart and told her about some things that had bothered me. It was so hard to write that message and I almost didn’t hit send; I made sure to keep everything simple and emotionally-neutral (is that a thing?) so it didn’t come across critical. It’s such a scary thing to be honest and feel so vulnerable, but things worked out so well. She apologized and I apologized and there are no elephants in the room. I feel like there’s such a weight off my chest and look forward to reconnecting with her.

Oh yeah, I’m also keeping the house clean and have been going on evening walks with Jericho. 4 out of 4 resolutions going strong, bam! Feeling good. 🙂


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