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Costanoa Glamping in Pescadaro

6 Dec

A few weeks back Jericho and I took a quick trip out of town. We were both over-worked and getting burned out, so we knew some fresh air and a change of scenery was in order. “Glamping” is a thing now and we found a relatively cheap place just North of Santa Cruz called Costanoa. It’s not quite as secluded or luxurious as their site would have you think, but being in off-season, the price was right. We spent a 4-day weekend lazing around SF, Pescadaro, and Santa Cruz. Luckily we hit one of the last few weekends at Costanoa before they started getting real rainy winter weather.

If you’re looking at making a trip to Costanoa, I would go on off-season and pack a space heater for your tent. All the “camp” sites are pretty close together and as they are canvas tents you can hear your neighbors pretty well; if you go mid-week you will probably have a little more privacy. Saturday-Sunday they were flooded with a bunch of SF-ers with vans full of children left to run around unsupervised while the parents drank wine in packs around fire pits. Having a tent at the top of a hill–our spot was prime location for kids with bikes lining up to ride down to the bottom.

I can’t believe it’s already a week into December. I’ve only got a few of my DIY gifts finished but nothing in the mail yet. I feel like I’m so far behind!