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Fun With Sissy Girl

20 Nov

My sister came up a few weekends ago. We had a good time taking goofy photos and hitting thrift stores. It’s a shame we didn’t leave with that set of fire-breathing kitten plates or a devil-eyed Lincoln bust. Spent some hours at the coffee shop playing gin rummy; she killed me. I love that girl! We also got started on our Christmas photos for this year, so I am beyond excited to finish editing and start getting cards in the mail. I feel like I’m already a month behind on my shopping and crafting and we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving. Geez!

DIY Polka Dot Statement Wall

2 Nov

I’ve been trying to rearrange things in the bedroom so I can feel like it’s fully decorated. I’m so lazy when it comes to house stuff that i haven’t really done any hardcore decorating since I moved in; and when that happened I put all my energy into the living room and barely made an effort on the rest of the house.

I fell in love with the idea of a statement print wall when I saw this post on ABM, but was a little nervous to commit to  painting with black since it would be hard to cover it up if I didn’t like it. Then I came across this idea online and was so excited to start! I never thought of using contact paper; so smart! It’s completely safe on paint and makes the project super fast to complete and FAST to take down if I ever feel like switching things up.

  1. Supplies: scissors, pen, contact paper, and a circle to trace (I used an oatmeal lid)
  2. Trace a good amount of dots and cut them out. This is a great project to do while zoning out with Neftlix. I think I cut 30-50 dots in the course of a couple episodes of Once Upon a Time, haha.
  3. Stack up the dots and leave them under some heavy books or VHS tapes. This will help flatten them out so they’re easier to work with!
  4. Use tape and stick dots up on the wall to get an idea of the spacing you’ll want to use. Once you’ve got a good number up and can tell where your columns and rows fall, you can freehand the rest as you go. Start peeling off the backs of the contact paper and attach dots to the wall. Smooth out the dots starting at the middle, moving out towards the edges so you don’t create any creases/wrinkles. Use a needle to pop any air bubbles. I didn’t find it necessary for this project since my wall surface is slightly textured.

I also had a lot of fun picking out photos to print in B&W for this wall. I’ve been wanting to take down my “Tie Wall” lately. It was a glorious display of ugly ties in its hay-day, but after 2 years all those ties were getting PRETTY dusty and several of them weren’t even on their hangers anymore and looked out of place. It was definitely time for an update and I think these photos did the trick.