Southwestern Breakfast

11 Feb

This Saturday I was awake early and feeling unmotivated, so I decided to make myself a nice breakfast as a treat to get the day rolling. I don’t usually make myself anything nice if I’m cooking for 1. I wanted to try this Southwestern Breakfast from ABM, and the results were AMAZINGGGGG. I used crushed tortilla chips, black beans, parmesan cheese, avocado, and TJ’s corn salsa as a bed for the eggs.

I hate frying eggs, so I thought I would hone up on my poaching skills. I found this great idea online for poaching eggs in saran wrap! I soon realized I don’t own saran wrap, so I improvised using left over treat bags from Christmas. I tied up a couple eggs so they looked like a couple very odd eggy gifts, haha. I tossed them in the pot and let them do their thing for about 4 minutes. 30ish seconds in I used scissors to cut holes in the tops of the bags. All the hot air was making the bags float, so the tops of the egg white wasn’t cooking (gross!); by cutting a hole and dunking the bag under, the egg bags submerged and cooked evenly.

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