Goodie Bag + February Goals

4 Feb

I really enjoyed doing the 4-Goals challenge last month, so I decided this is something I want to continue throughout the year. However, I also want to up the stakes a little and reward myself if I can accomplish those goals. I remembered something my mom used to do for my sister and I called the Goodie Bag. She had a gift bag that she filled with Claire’s necklace sets, treats, or cards with an activity on them (i.e. “Girls’ Night!–Stay up late with mom playing CandyLand with a cup of tea”). Anytime we did something good or completed a project she requested, we would get to reach into the Goodie Bag and draw something out. Bribery works wonders.

So here is my new & improved Goodie Bag. I’m using note cards taped shut and writing down a bunch of random items that I really want, but can’t justify the $30-60 splurge on them. I jotted down my 4-goals for February and then drew a card from the bag. This month, I’ll buy a Roku adapter if I can complete my goals. (!!!!!!!)

4 Goals for February

  • Drink at least 2-pints of water daily
  • Floss before bed every night
  • Make my bed every morning
  • Clean & organize my hall closet (eeekk)

I guess none of those things sound that hard, but I am one lazy gal and those are a bunch of good habits I ditched LONG ago. Wish me luck!

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