2013: New Year, New Blog.

4 Jan

What better way to stick to my New Years resolutions than to create a blog to track what I’m working on? Besides, I have been looking for an excuse to start up a new site that’s less specific to any one craft than my previous ones.

I’m excited about the coming year! 2012 was pretty good overall, which leads me to think that 2013 will be darn fabulous. I have been following a lot of other bloggers lately, though, and realizing that the only way I’ll be able to make myself truly productive is by setting both long and short goals. Without further ado, I give you:

2013 Resolutions

  • Pay off 2 credit cards
  • Keep my house tidy
  • Feng shui it up
  • Get fit, stick to running even in the cold weather
  • Craft more, bake more, photograph more, do more of anything creative that makes me happier and more positive!

4 January Short-Term Goals

  • Craft/Bake/Cook 4 things from Pinterest
  • Organize & redecorate my bedroom
  • Go on 4 runs
  • Revamp my budget and decide on credit card payment plan

Thanks to ABM for the 4-goals idea! Pretty excited to start this out!

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